About Us

Our Mission is Simple: To share true and workable knowledge about Music Production & Audio Engineering, while also shedding false ideas and unworkable information worldwide.  We support and service Independent Musicians and Professional Entities in the World-Wide Music Community.

The Home Studio Bible covers information relating to topics such as microphones, and how to use them correctly, which ones to choose for wich situation and why. In fact, many topics are covered very thoroughly, such as headphones, mixing, mastering, sound proofing, speakers, studio monitors, vocals, drums, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, drum machines, drummers, voice-overs, editing, midi-controllers, midi tracks, sound production, audio engineering, producers, engineers, over-dubbing, dubbing, interfaces, computers, pc's, macs, cpu usage, Cubase, Pro-Tools, Cakewalk, Garageband, Logic, sound reinforcement, bass traps, subwoofers, tweeters, high frequency, high fidelity (hi-fi), beats, beatmaking and much more!